Best simple flower electric candle warmer lamp

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This best simple floral electric candle warmer lamp combines a conventional design with our top-down warming technology to mimic the look and smell of a burning candle without the flame, soot, and smoke. The melted wax at the top of the candle produces a richer, more enticing smell than burning a candle, and it can last up to twice as long. Accommodates the majority of jar candles that are no taller than 6.5″ and no heavier than 22 ounces. You can choose from a wide variety of models and enjoy your favorite scented candle at any space of your home.

• Size: 5.95″x5.95″x14.17″

• Iron, silicone

• Light source: Max 50W, GU10 Halogen bulb included

• ON/OFF switch/ Dimmer switch/ Timer switch

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Best simple floral electric candle warmer lamp with a flower-shape lamp shade is versatile and fits into most home decor styles. The surface of lamp shade can be produced with powder coating finish. And it can be white, black, green, cream, etc. We can accept your own unique color because we have a powder coating workshop of our own. And the surface of pipe is silicone, and it also can be white, black, pink etc. By melting from the top down, our candle warmer lamp reduces fire hazard, soot, and other toxins released by burning candles. However, unlike the bottoms up warmers, release the fragrance within 5 to 10 minutes.

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• Sensationally designed lamp melt and illuminates candle from the top to down quickly and comfortably release candle’s fragrance.
• Controllable warming bulb gives you the energy efficiency and the ambiance of a lighted candle without no open flame.
• Eliminates fire risk, smoke damage, and sir pollution caused by burning candles indoors.
USE: Accommodates most jar candles 15 oz or smaller and up to 4" tall.
SPECS: Overall dimensions are 6.14"x6.14"x11.38". Cord is white/black with roller switch/dimmer switch/timer switch on cord for easy using. GU10 halogen bulb included.


Size: 6.14"x6.14"x11.38"


Iron, Frosted Glass


Light source max 50W GU10 Halogen bulb


ON/OFF switch
Dimmer switch
Timer switch

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How to use

Step1: Install GU10 halogen bulb onto candle warmer.
Step2: Put your fragrance jar candle under the halogen bulb.
Step3: Plug the electrical supply cord into the wall outlet and use the switch to turn on the light.
Step4: The light of halogen bulb will warm the candle and candle will release the fragrance after 5~10 minutes.
Step5: Turn off the light if not use.

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This candle warmer lamp is great for

• Living room
• Bedrooms
• Office

• Kitchens
• Gift
• Those concerned with smoke damage or fire risk

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