Frosty Illumination Fragrance Warmer -Snowman Christmas Atmosphere Decoration

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DESIGN: The Frosty Illumination puts a cheery face on your holidays with our classic snowman design.

USE WITH: Safe, happy, and simple to enjoy aromatherapy wax blocks HERE.

FUNCTION: Decorative electric fragrance warmer designed to warm scented wax and create the ambient glow of a burning candle. Includes NP5 Bulb included.

SAFE HOME FRAGRANCE: No flame reduces the risk of house fires, while also eliminating carbon toxins, smoke and soot from the air.

INCLUDES: Warmer that measures 8.8″x4.6″x4.6″ and NP5 warming bulb. Cord is 3 ft long with dial switch for easy on/off. 1 Year limited warranty against factory defects.

∗This product has a reactive glaze or hand-painted design which gives each product a one-of-a-kind look. The final finish will vary from piece to piece.

Illumination Fragrance Warmers are our top-selling traditional warmers. Each is designed with your style in mind to accent your home decor, where it is traditional, transitional, farmhouse, modern, cottage, Scandinavian, or more! We use high-quality ceramic, porcelain, metals and glass to provide a product worthy of the included one-year warranty.

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Description Allow your home to fill with holiday scents using a wax melt in this adorable snowman-themed wall warmer. A smiling snowman figurine features a classic carrot nose, top hat and scarf as a recessed dish at the top melts a wax cube. It's a seasonally welcomed addition to a living space, kitchen or bathroom. You'll be carried back to your childhood with this wonderful wax warmer.

Frosty Illumination Fragrance Warmer -Snowman Chri4
Frosty Illumination Fragrance Warmer -Snowman Chri5


Material: Ceramic, plastic, iron
Material: Ceramic End use
Size: 8.8"x4.6"x4.6"
Location: Indoor Features Smiling snowman figural wax warmer with a top hat, red scarf, carrot nose Recessed dish at the top for your favorite scented wax melt.


Size: 8.8"x4.6"x4.6"


Main made for metal


Light source max 50W GU10 Halogen bulb


ON/OFF switch
Dimmer switch
Timer switch

1. Set up your wax warmer first.
These come in different varieties, but you should set up your warmer where you want it to sit before trying to warm the wax. Typically, they either plug directly into the wall or they have a cord that goes into the wall. Only plug it in if you're ready to warm your wax.[1] Some have bowls that sit on top of a candle warmer, which is essentially a hot plate, while others just use a small, hot light bulb to warm up the wax. Others may heat the wax with a small tealight in the bottom, so you won't need to plug it in.

2. Put the wax in the top of your wax warmer.
Usually, there's a small bowl in the top of the warmer for the wax. Just use one piece of wax, as you don't want to overflow the bowl when it melts. Wax melts usually come in pre-portioned sizes. Different wax warmers will hold different amounts. For instance, a tart wax warmer is meant to hold a much larger piece of wax. If you want, you can set a silicone baking cup in the warmer first. That way, you can just pop the wax out of the baking cup when it solidifies. This also allows you to switch between scents easily.

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